Private Yoga Classes and Coaching

Private, tailored yoga coaching for individuals, small groups and corporate groups in our studio or in your very own home! Body Alchemy works with you creates a safe, sustainable practice you can do in your own space, in your own time, on your own terms.


Hi,  I'm Maddy! 

My perfect day would involve all my nearest and dearest in one place, my imaginary dog (that I will get the second we have the space!), a campfire, and Eddie Vedder playing a ukelele..

I am also super approachable, very good at laughing at myself, totally dedicated to doing things I love, very good at making things happen, and spectacular at weeding out the BS..

I used to spend a lot of time wondering about pleasing other people. Until I realised that in order to get anything done and feel any good at the end of it, yo've got to nurture yourself first and foremost, or all that bending over backwards breaks your back (I did that too..and don't recommend it..!)

And I LOVE yoga. It clears the cloudiest skies. It calms me. It is my unconditional old faithful.. I started it when I was a crazy, all-over-the-place 20 year old (don't get me started!). I saw it as a fitness class to slot between morning runs, 8 hours of study, weekends with no sleep involved...repeat. That sharp pain in my ankle/toe/shin/quad? That's just a sign I'm making a difference here. No pain no gain right? 

Nope. It had other plans for me.

It showed me its strengths. One by one. As I was ready to see them and let them heal all of that self-doubt, fear, crazy pressure I put my body and my mind under.

Most of all, it hit me (hard) on the head with this:

Things don't have to be difficult to be worthwhile...


How i got here- the shortest version

Prior to becoming a full-time yoga coach, I worked for years as a professional musician in the classical music industry. I was highly ambitious and SUPER driven. I had a specific job I wanted to get, and I got it. The next four years was a blur of airports, a million and one hotel rooms (I still find keycards in my bags), amazing places, people, events all over the world. I thought I was ticking all the boxes I was told myself I should..

But I desperately wanted to spend more time on my yoga mat. The more I stressed out, the more yoga helped me diffuse it. Every place we toured to I would seek out a  studio. I loved seeing how this amazing practice could be used and taught in so many ways. As a peacekeeper, a friendship maker, a community hub, the friend who tells you how it really is when no-one else will.  I started to think of yoga not as an achievement-based practice but instead, as a way of changing my world, and ultimately the world around me, one breath at a time...

So I broke every single rule of playing it safe:

I quit my "dream" job

I listened to my heart 

And I knew that being on my mat and teaching others how to do the same was my true path.

I followed my heart into a yoga teacher training that completely rocked my world. Yoga was where it was at. 

And since then?  I am more present in my body, more conscious and clear in my actions and thoughts. I feel that relationships with the people around me are so much more meaningful, and I have a clear mission: to share this with YOU!

That's where you come in! 

I offer private lessons and tailor-made yoga coaching courses for individuals, small groups, as well as corporate classes in the workplace. Based on the beautiful Byron Bay region, NSW and serving the area at large, I am also available to speak and/or teach at conferences and workshops around Australia, or abroad. 

If you are interested, please check out Work with Me for further information.

Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is what you learn on the way down
— Dr Jigar Gor