Private Yoga Classes and Coaching

Private, tailored yoga coaching for individuals, small groups and corporate groups in our studio or in your very own home! Body Alchemy works with you creates a safe, sustainable practice you can do in your own space, in your own time, on your own terms.


I'm so happy you're here!

My Mission
To help stressed out and time-poor souls, expecting/new mums, and simply like-minded yoga lovers discover and delve deeper into their own game-changing yoga journey. 

For any or all of the above, I offer:

  • One on one yoga classes and coaching, either in my studio a few minutes drive from the heart of Byron Bay, in your home or holiday house.
  • 6 week yoga classes and coaching programs combining an innovative mix of yoga practice and personal growth tailored to you and only you
  • Small group classes either in my studio, in your own home or holiday home
  • Corporate yoga classes in the workplace


 Initial Consultation 

$95 (please contact me if you are interested in a group rate)

  • Back to basics baby! We spend 1.5 hours nutting out where you are at not only with yoga but also with life. Where would you like to be?  What is holding you back from being your most LOVELY self  that you would like to change?
  • I will take you through some yoga poses and we get an idea of how you MOVE on the mat.  You may find this challenging or a little confronting, but this is all part of the journey!
  • We discuss ways that you could make yoga work better for YOU, whether its through your pregnancy, nurturing or preventing an injury, learning how to breathe better, or simply making it relevant to you
  • Recommendation based on what we discover throughout the consultation, and an appropriate course of action specifically for YOU

If you decide to sign up for the 6 consult program...


6 Face-to-Face Consultations

$565 (please contact me if you are interested in a group rate)

  • Building the basics of a good, honest Hatha (its ok if you don't know what that means yet!) yoga practice from the foundation up, that you can eventually do safely and lovingly in your own space and time.
  • Take-home cards detailing the specific notes for each pose in relation to your body.
  • The relevance of the physical practice to you and your unique, beautiful body, whether its during pregnancy, injury, curious to explore more, or simply worn out and in need of some nurturing.
  • Video interview content with industry leaders .
  • The importance of what's valuable to YOU in life, and ways to achieve better balance within your personal and professional schedule.
  • Ways to use the amazing power of simply BREATHING to aid better sleep, better energy levels, better emotional balance and less stress. 
  • The introduction of Mindfulness into your life- the art of conscious action and thought for every single day
  • Work sheets and practical exercises to carry through your week so you can implement concepts and start acting on them right away.
  • Dedicated email and phone/Skype support between consultations

Want to go DEEPER? We go in for another round of 6 consultations (or simply organise one at a time) that develops your practice, as well as going deeper with the themes and concepts from the first time round. This is where we really get further into all the juicy details of restructuring your life exactly the way you want it!


Single consultations

$95 (please contact me if you are interested in a group rate)

Absolutely! I recommend 1.5 hours for each one. You decide what it is you want to hone in on, we go there.


Corporate classes in your workplace

I am available to come to your workplace to take small group classes. Please contact me using the contact form below stating this in the message. I will provide you with all the info for your company's needs. Rates for this service are based on numbers in the class and the  time available to you. 

Is BODY ALCHEMY for me? 

  • Are you struggling with the almighty OVERWHELM of having to juggle relationship, kids, family, friends and all the while trying to find time for YOU? 
  • Are you looking for the BEST way to optimise the little bit of ME time you have amidst the chaos?
  • Are you ready to get onto the mat and start flexing and lengthening body, mind and spirit, even if you don't have a clue how to go about it?
  • Do you want a dedicated cheerleader who can give you ongoing support through your week? 
  • Feel a bit 'Blah' and don't really know how to shift the feeling? 

Guess what, beautiful? You're perfectly ready for this!

If you feel it's time to take back your time and own your space, enter your email below to set up your FREE 15 minute consultation with me. 

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"Maddy has a beautiful style- I felt welcomed and relaxed immediately"
                                                                           - Ellen